Underrated Practical Tips for Sharper Photographs

There really is nothing worse than finding that dream photograph you took isn’t quite in focus. Use these underrated tips to get more keepers and sharper photos each and every time.
You don’t have to look far online to find photographers bashing their lenses or cameras for their inability to focus correctly. While all gear does have its limitations, many of those instances of soft pictures are more likely down to user error. This week, photographer and educator Matt Kloskowski explores this very topic in his latest video and offers some invaluable tips for getting sharper pictures.

The video starts with Kloskowski focusing on the physical controls that appear on the lenses themselves. He explains image stabilization and the differences between normal, active, and numbered modes. He then goes on to stress how valuable the underrated feature auto ISO is and how best to take advantage of it. For this one tip alone, it is well worth watching the video.

While the video uses action and wildlife photography for its examples, these tips can easily be applied to all areas of the industry. If you shoot anything that moves and you’d quite like to keep them in focus, then this video is for you. I’ve been shooting for over a decade and have never entertained using auto ISO. This is something I plan on changing next time I do street photography.