Subway Rider Lets A Kid Play Games On His Phone

It’s not every day that good news shows up on the internet. From natural disasters to crime, most of the stories that make headlines are on the more negative side of the spectrum.

Every once in a while, something amazing and positive rises to the surface. Of course, these are the ones that go viral and make everybody’s day a little bit brighter.

Though this may not be the most important news in terms of politics or sports, it’s still worth knowing about. The video is too sweet to miss!


An average commute?
Recently, Kia Tatiyana Davis was riding along on the subway in New York City. This was likely a regular commute for Davis. Then, it became slightly less ordinary.

Across the car from Davis, a another subway rider was using his phone and listening to music. Beside him, a young boy looked over his shoulder. Next to the boy sat his mother.

Naturally, the young boy was intrigued by the man’s phone. It was a potentially boring subway ride after all! What young child wants to sit on the subway with nothing to do?

It’s somewhat of a surprise that the boy didn’t bring along his own device of some sort. Nonetheless, he found his entertainment rather quickly.


Watching the game
In the video, it’s clear to see that the boy is interested in a game or another app on the man’s phone. He keeps a close eye on the screen as the guy continues playing it and listening to music.

After the boy watched the guy’s screen for a few moments, something interesting happened. The guy noticed the boy watching him, so he leaned forward so that the boy could see the screen better.


Eventually, the guy passed his phone off to the child so that he can have a turn. This was pretty surprising because kids aren’t always trustworthy. The young boy could have easily broken the phone or dropped it.

Luckily, the guy decided to trust the young boy with his phone. Immediately, the kid began playing the game.

Some people likely would have gotten annoyed with a small child sitting too close to them or looking at their phone screen. This guy understood that the boy wanted something to do, so he gave him a chance.


This small and simple exchange was enough to make both individuals’ days better. It really is the little things!

It’s funny that the young child was able to catch on to the game so quickly and so easily. Perhaps he had played it before!

Sweet moments like this can brighten anyone’s day. It’s perfect that the exchange was caught on video so that the world can see it!


When Davis shared the video on Facebook, she said “What I witnessed today on the train. I almost cried y’all.” Most of the viewers will admit that they felt the same way while watching it.