People Are Saying This Husband Just Won Valentine’s Day By Gifting His Wife A Mechanical Flower That Blooms When Touched

They say true love never fades, by flowers do – that is until a developer from the Czech Republic invented a mechanical flower for his wife that is as everlasting as their love. Jiří Praus a “developer during the day, hardware maker at night,” outdid himself and everyone else this Valentines Day by creating a colorful mechanical flower for his sweetheart. People on Twitter were astonished at the details and unlike the enchanted Beauty and the Beast rose, none of these petals will be falling.

According to, an estimated $3.3 billion flowers are spent on flowers during Valentines Day in the U.S and of those – roses are the most popular. But Praus chose to go with a Tulip for his unique design. Which is appropriate since Tulips continue to grow even after they are cut.

After creating the luminous blossom he noticed that the design shadows were creating a “spider web effect” that he adds was “totally unplanned but incredible to look at.”

To create the ever-changing rainbow of colors, Praus used LED lights. Color changing LED isn’t one LED in a package but rather three LEDs that have a small computer that controls them. All LEDs are made up of blue, green and red. The microcontroller has the ability to turn each color on or off and even two at the same time to create beautiful mixtures like shades of purple.

In one of his tweets, he compared the delicate flower to jewelry, which according to the National Retail Federation is the chosen gift on Valentine’s Day by 19% of consumers – so double win.