Lovely Latte Art In China Transcends The Language Barrier

Finding good coffee in China can be a challenge unless your standard of good coffee is Starbucks or Costa Coffee. Nowadays things are getting better as more and more Chinese people are discovering a love for coffee and more and more foreigners are coming in to the country.

As a Melbourian, I love my coffee in high quality and frequent doses so it was a dream when I found an amazing barista called PuYa.

She doesn’t speak a lot of English and much to my detriment I only speak the most basic Mandarin but we communicate through a love of coffee and beautiful latte art.

Ke Ai (可爱) Koala


Learning my name!

Lovers Torn Apart

Blue Taro Flavoured Latte

Grumpy Pink Cat


Happy Birthday

Bear, frog, frogbear?

Happy Zongzi Festival

Cute Kitty Coffee

Butterfly’s in my Tummy

The First Snow of 2017