Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin May Return For More ‘Mission: Impossible’

Christopher McQuarrie gave Hollywood a bit of a shock when he accepted not one but two more Mission: Impossible films, to be shot back-to-back then released in 2021 and 2022. After years of the franchise swapping out directors with each entry, McQuarrie has written and directed the last two chapters, including last year’s Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which saw Tom Cruise growing increasingly eager to die on camera en route to the seventh highest grossing movie of 2018 and the most profitable M:I movie overall. McQuarrie is used to pulling off the impossible by now, is what I’m saying, which makes a recent report from THR sound downright reasonable: the filmmaker is “said to be considering” bringing back Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin for a Fallout sequel.


Now, the report does note that any appearances would be in flashback, which makes sense considering—*spoilers*—both actors’ characters are super freaking dead. Fallout saw Baldwin’s IMF Secretary Alan Hunley getting stabbed beneath the streets of London, while Cavill’s rogue CIA assassin August Walker was last seen with a whole helicopter hooked to his face.


McQuarrie gave a response of sorts to the rumor, which amounted mostly to “anything can happen.”

The most likely scenario is that McQuarrie—who is in the early stages of beginning two massive back-to-back projects—reached out to both Cavill and Baldwin’s representation just to cover his bases and leave his storytelling options open. The other option is that Mission: Impossible 7 opens with August Walker crawling back up the side of a mountain with half his face ripped off because he was a robot the entire time. Time will tell, M:I fans.