Hellboy has similarities with Shakespeare?!

David Harbor: They are. Better believe it. We begin shooting in a little while. I travel to Bulgaria in August, late August, end of August and afterward we begin shooting I think in mid-September. What’s more, I’ve seen, we’ve done cosmetics tests and everything. Furthermore, it looks truly extraordinary. What’s more, the beasts and every little thing about it looks truly exceptional. I can’t. Everything is top mystery now, yet it’s wonderful and past my desires. Furthermore, I was extremely apprehensive going in that it would be not what I anticipated. I’m amped up for it. I’m exceptionally amped up for it.

Also, better believe it, Hellboy is his own thing and I truly like him. I’m beginning to go gaga for him. He has a considerable measure of issues. Container is more of a grown-up than Hellboy. Container is somewhat of a youngster in certain ways, yet I think Hellboy is truly a hellboy and not a hellman and he’s battling with his own fate, this loathsome fate of being the Beast of the Apocalypse and not having any desire to do that and be a sweet person inside and having huge amounts of father issues. Like, the way that he’s an adoptee in General Brooms, the way that he was generated by these Nazi Occultants are everything that he himself goes up against and feels regretful about. He smokes cigarettes and he abhors himself and I think he has a better than average heart and he’s a sweet child and he’s endeavoring to make sense of these father/mother issues and I think we’ll see that communicated in the film also. So it’s confused and it’s truly excellent and energizing to begin to chip away at. There’s a ton to draw there and a great deal of multifaceted nature that to me, I don’t know we generally get the chance to see in extreme motion pictures. It’s particularly a character piece. Our model for it is Shakespeare. That is to say, it’s especially similar to Hamlet positively. So it’s energizing to play as a performing artist.