Grandson Decides To Get His 84-Year-Old Grandpa A New Wardrobe And Makes Him An Instagram Star

The fashion stars and influencers of Instagram have become way too predictable: The sleek, tanned bodies, the trappings of wealth, the same poses in the same exotic locations. Sometimes we need a reminder that as a visual medium, there is far more fun we could be having with it.

Enter 84-year-old Japanese Grandfather Tetsuya, a retired chemistry teacher, who has become an unlikely, yet refreshing presence in the fashion world. Tetsuya recently had a visit from his grandson Naoya Kudo, who was back home in Akita Prefecture for a week-long holiday, and they spent some quality grandson/grandpa time taking photos and trying out some fun and fashionable outfits. The results of Tetsuya’s ‘photoshoots’ were so good, that Naoya Kudo decided to share them with the world. The pics quickly went viral, and the pair’s Instagram account already has over 88k followers!

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Scroll down below to see Tetsuya’s long overdue modeling debut for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!

84-Year-Old Grandpa Teams Up With His Grandson To Create Fashionable Photoshoots That Stun 32k Followers On Instagram

Kudo said that he hadn’t been back to his hometown for a long time, so he wanted to reconnect with his family. Being into fashion himself, he thought it would be fun to get his grandfather into his clothes. “He was really enthusiastic about it,” Kudo told Bored Panda. He suggested the shooting locations and everything.”

The inspiration from the outfits came from the kind of things that Kudo wears every day. “He wore the same outfits that I actually wore in the past,” he told us. “I brought my clothes home for him.”

84 Year Old Grandpa Is Being Viral With His Totally Fashion Photo Shoots On Instagram

It quite a transformation from the man who Kudo describes as a “normal grandpa” fashion-wise, to a stylish, elegant man of age. Tetsuya is aware of his new-found fame, but doesn’t use social media. Kudo is currently running his Instagram account and will keep updating it; he has plenty more pics to share.

“It has been unexpectedly popular,” he said. “I will continue for a while.”

“I hope to make a photo book to give him as a present.”

What do you think? Is Tetsuya looking suave or what?? Scroll down to check out his portfolio for yourself, and get inspired for your senior years!