Father And Son Duo Give Emotional Performance

It’s moments like the one father and son duo, Tim and Jack, had at Britain’s Got Talent that keeps us glued to the screen.

Jack, only 12 years old, may have less life experience than his 43-year-old dad, but his level of understanding reaches to equal depths.

While the two are on opposite ends of the spectrum age-wise, they couldn’t be any more balanced when it comes to harmony!

The humble twosome comes from Norfolk, Norwich, and have learned how to navigate the ups and downs of life together through song. Though he’s young, Jack has been playing music with his dad for the last 7 years. Over half his life!

You may notice that Jack is unusually calm for such a young man on national television, and that has come with the experience.

Earlier this year Jack was a solo contestant on The Voice Kids UK, making it to the semi-finals before being let go from the show. That wasn’t the end of the road for the young hopeful though.
Tim also has a wealth of experience in the music industry, having been a studio musician before committing to being a full-time dad to Jack and his three sisters.

You can’t take the music out of the musician though. Tim and Jack can regularly be seen doing street performances throughout England, showcasing their musical bond wherever they go.

As the down-to-earth pair took their seats with their matching guitars, BGT judge Alesha Dixon asked Jack if he thought they could win. His response was adorable,

It’s my favorite thing to watch on tv, so…it would be absolutely INCREDIBLE to win!

When asked who their favorite judge was, Jack instantly spoke up, saying that he loves Simon Cowell because he has the funniest insults.

After the laughter of the crowd died down a little, and with an air of pomp, Simon went on to ask them to tell the audience about the song they would be performing.

As Tim began to nervously explain that everybody loses someone in life and that their song was a song about father and son getting through it together, and family in general, Jack came to his dad’s rescue by summing up the song in just one sentence…

It’s about how lucky we are to have what we have.

Were they ever right! Their self-composed song was so brimming with emotion, they had everyone’s attention immediately.
Most notably, they had Simon was absolutely taken aback by what he was hearing. The look on his face was enough to know the humble pair would have his vote.

As the two opened their song with a lullaby-like melody, the crowd fell silent in shock when Tim began to sing. Shortly after they begin, Jack folds his own voice into the music, accenting the low notes of his father with the pure, angelic voice of a young male soprano.

Not only was the music amazing, but their lyrics were so raw and had such weight to them, the entire crowd was in tears before the song was half-over.

When the dynamic duo was finished, it took a moment for the judges to compose themselves. When they finally did, Tim and Jack’s dreams came to life as Simon reached for the buzzer saying,