Dog Who Spent 7 Years In A Shelter Finally Finds A Home

At the Oahu SPCA shelter, lived an 11-year-old dog who had been waiting to find a new home for seven long years.

The dog, whose name is Pirate, was often passed over by potential dog parents because they think caring for an old dog would take more work.


It had even come to a point where the shelter staff were afraid that Pirate would spend the rest of her life there. Amanda expressed her concern but there was little she could do.

Thankfully, things would soon change for Pirate.

The Long Wait is Over

Jennifer Hoyt and her husband are military officers who were recently stationed in Hawaii.

Being new and still not settled into the island, they decided to put off getting a dog, instead choosing to find shelters to volunteer at first.

This is when Jennifer happened on the Oahu SPCA website and saw a picture of Pirate.

big eyes

She immediately took interest in the graying dog, noting her cute ears which seem to stick straight out. Eventually, Pirate won her over and so she decided to meet her in person.

At age 11 and a half, and after spending 7 years in the shelter, Pirate had finally found her forever home with Jennifer and her husband.

And the Two-Month Wait Begins

Unfortunately, the pair had to wait an extra two months before the adoption was finalized because Jennifer and her husband didn’t have a house yet.

Amanda explained:

While waiting, Jennifer started bonding with Pirate during those daily visits.


Jennifer talked about the time:

“I went before work and after work. They even let me come sit in there with her all day when they were closed.”

Eventually, the couple were able to take Pirate home with them.

Amanda was elated:

“We were so excited. Pirate is going to finally have a forever home.”

Young Again

Once Jennifer made Pirate comfortable in her new home she began to show a new side of herself.

While Pirate used to looked sad and tired of life before, she was now acting more energetic and happy.

“She acts more and more like a puppy every single day. We call her our old lady baby.”

– Jennifer


We’re happy she finally found her home.

Changing each other’s lives

With Jennifer and her husband, Pirate has been able to experience a lot of firsts despite her old age. She has visited the beach and celebrated her first Christmas and birthday.


Jennifer explains the joy she has brought to their lives:

“I think just watching her life being changed is what has changed our lives. We don’t care if we’re gonna have her for three more years or three more days, we’re going to make it the best life she’s ever had.”