‘The Girl in the Spider’s Web’ mires Claire Foy in familiar Bond-lite action

“The Girl in the Spider’s Web,” the latest crime thriller to try to make Swedish hacker supreme Lisbeth Salander a cinematic thing in the States, tries […]

Avengers 4 CONFIRMED: The Ancient One and THIS villain will return but NO time travel

Fans are pretty sure that somehow all those who were dusted in The Snap will becoming back. Nobody has the faintest idea how, but some of […]

Clueless and Pirates of the Caribbean latest Hollywood remakes

Reboots are nothing new in Hollywood, but the latest announcements have raised eyebrows. Clueless, the classic 90s comedy that remade Jane Austen’s Emma, is set to […]

‘Halloween’ Rides Scary-Movie Nostalgia to No. 1 at the Box Office

Four decades after the release of John Carpenter’s slasher classic, Universal released the latest film in the “Halloween” franchise this weekend with the hope that a […]

Is Tom Hardy’s Venom the new Greatest Showman?

t is a truth universally acknowledged that a cinema-goer in search of a bad movie at the multiplex today must be in want of Venom. Tom […]

Subway Rider Lets A Kid Play Games On His Phone

It’s not every day that good news shows up on the internet. From natural disasters to crime, most of the stories that make headlines are on […]

Liam Neeson and Russell Crowe claim horses recognise them from movie to movie

Dramatic-actor-turned-action-star Liam Neeson claims a horse he worked with on his latest film recognised him from a previous gig, with Russell Crowe backing up the story. […]

Mom Catches Squirrel Trying To Hide Nut In Puzzled Dog’s Fur In Hilarious Home Video.

It ain’t easy being a squirrel. They spend all fall collecting enough nuts to last through winter, but storing them in their nests is out of […]

‘Venom’ latest hit to bad reviews with great box office, while ‘A Star Is Born’ soars into second spot

Scathing critical reviews have had little bearing on film performance these days as movies with poor Rotten Tomatoes scores have found major success at the box […]